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Allo Montessori Preschool.



Education should excite and inspire children. We provide a challenging, yet joyful educational environment, empowering students to grow academically, emotionally and physically. AMPreschool's curriculum is holistic, teaching a wide spectrum of skills so that our students are academically savvy, well-mannered, emotionally literate and independent people. Our students learn to respect themselves, others, the environment as well as their education. AMPreschool students learn healthy work habits, conflict resolution skills and how to be productive members of their community. Our Academy empowers students to reach their full potential and experience academics infused with joy.

Our Mission

AMPreschool imparts students with the ability to respond with persistence and resilience when they encounter challenges, to rely on their own ability to solve problems rather than rely on others to prevent them. Our goal is that our students see themselves as joyful, capable individuals who understand that challenging endeavors are stepping-stones to greatness.

The world believes that a child's mind is an empty vessel to fill, we believe it is a fuse to be lit.
- Allo Montessori Preschool

Our Promise

  • Academic Excellence
  • A Joyful Immersive Experience
  • A Safe, Organized and Empowering Environment
  • Serving Toddlers Through 6 Years Old

Enrolling Now

Space Limited, First Come First Serve

AMPreschool's flagship school is located on the boardwalk level of the prestigious Flagship Wharf building in the Naval Yard. Visit us at 197 8th St. in Charlestown.

We are proud to offer our students:
  • Brand new classrooms.
  • Spacious learning environments
  • Beautiful interior designs
  • Floor to ceiling windows with stunning view of harbor.
  • Large green space for nature programs
  • A Safe & Immersive Education/li>
  • Nurturing Teachers
  • Nurturing Teachers
  • Spacious Classrooms
  • Outdoor Space & Gardens
  • AMPreschool has a first-returned, first-enrolled contract policy upon acceptance.
  • We will reach full enrollment quickly!
  • Contact us now to begin enrollment process.

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