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Allo Montessori Classrooms have a very different vibe than the traditional school classroom. Our classrooms are learning environments designed for children to thrive independently of constant teacher direction. Shelves are low and all materials are within reach of even the youngest children. Lessons are thoughtfully arranged from simple to complex, most concrete to more abstract concepts and in the sequence they will be presented and mastered. This strategic organization gives children a clear understanding of which lessons to do and when. They simply work their way through the materials on the shelves moving from left to right, top to bottom.

Allo Montessori Preschool Classroom

  • Classrooms feels open, organized, and fresh

    You will see areas for Math, Language, Science, Geography, Sensorial, and Practical Life. Shelves are low and the materials are easily accessible to the children. There are work rugs and tables for students to work independently or with their peers.

  • Personal Teacher Engagement

    Teachers engaging with children individually or in small groups. Working at eye-level, using hands-on materials, teaching through conversation.

  • Experiential Learning

    Children working individually or in groups. Achieving long lasting mastery of academic fundamentals by using their senses and experiences.

  • Personal and Peer Celebrations

    Children take pride in their work with small celebrations among their peers.

  • Dynamic Individualized Curriculum

    Children working individually, learning from their peers or receiving a lesson from a teacher, they move fluidly through a vast and eclectic curriculum at a speed that their mastery will allow.

  • Child Centric Resolution

    Children are guided through healthy and independent conflict resolution skills.

  • Independence

    Ability to choose lessons, eat snack, use the bathroom, etc as needed.

  • Teacher’s space is harmonious with the classroom.

  • Environment Design for Independence

    Intentionally designed environment organized to empowers children to independently thrive. Shelves, tables, educational activities, tools for cleaning, and everything else they need to be independent is within their reach.

  • Mixed Age Groups

    Children ranging from 3-6 years old. Mentoring, teaching, and caring for one another. Receiving lessons based on their skill level, not age.


Traditional Schools

  • Visually Cluttered

    Visually overwhelming decor, rewards charts, progress charts, minimal floor space.

  • Collective Teaching

    Teaching to the collective. No hands-on materials. No participation. No creativity.

  • Rote Learning

    Learning through monotonous lessons. Tests based on memorization verses understanding.

  • Temporary Flattery

    Teacher directed flattery, spectacles and rewards.

  • Regimented Classroom

    Individual students must all work at the pace of the whole class, whether they are struggling or unchallenged.

  • Teacher Directed

    Teacher directed punishment and timeout.

  • Micro-Management

    Required to ask permission for any need.

  • Bulky, cluttered, teacher-only zone.

  • Teacher governed environment.

  • Children organized and taught by by age

AMPreschool Culture

AMPreschool Culture

Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Atmosphere

Classroom Atmosphere

What is Montessori?

What is Montessori?

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