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Your Child is Lying! How you React… Makes a BIG Difference.

Remember the first time your child lied to you and managed to get away with it? A sharp stinging pain[...]
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Kids being bored builds Independence!

What is the first reaction when your child is bored? You begin to doubt your own parenting skills and try[...]
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I Showed Up! Now Give Me My TROPHY!

We've all seen it before, the end of the sports season when the trophies are given out for the 1st,[...]
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Is your Child ready for preschool? An article on Red Shirting!

As a parent of a young child, the start of school is always on your mind. You probably started thinking[...]
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Diversity Challenges are an Inside Job

Black or African-American, Native American or Indian, Mexican or Hispanic, Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, or Queer. What words do you use[...]
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Transgender (LGBTQ) – How do I Explain this to my Child?

Transgender – how do I explain this to my children? Just as my son was walking in the back door[...]
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Joyful Academics. An Oxymoron?

Joyful Academics- Not an Oxymoron. Close your eyes and imagine your idea of early childhood education. What does it look[...]
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Don’t Let your Kid, be just another little Sh#t!

All too often we see young children dragging their parents around by the arm, demanding things they want, struggling to[...]
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