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Classroom Dynamics

Allo Montessori classrooms are bursting with learning and life. Our students work and socialize amongst their peers, free to interact with one another throughout their day. They enjoy individual and group lessons given by their teachers, using beautiful hands-on materials. Our teachers quickly learn each student’s particular learning style and personalize their lessons accordingly. We are proud to provide our students uninterrupted learning time so that they can delve deeply into their lessons.

Personalized Curriculum

AMPreschool thoughtfully planned a specific curriculum for each year a student is enrolled. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students ultimately progress through the entire curriculum, however, they do so at a pace independent of their classmates. This pace is not based on the student’s age as in traditional schools, but rather on each child’s ability to master the lesson given. When they master a skill, they progress to the next lesson in the curriculum. AMPreschool believes in a high degree of mastery at each level of academic development in order to build a strong foundation for a successful life of learning.

Allo Montessori Preschool CURRICULUM OFFERS:

3-Year Adaptive Curriculum Neither rushing nor holding back a student, our curriculum spans 3 years worth of lessons. This accommodates both accelerated learners as well as students who need more time to master a skill.
Balanced Teacher-Initiated Lessons Teachers thoughtfully balance core curriculum lessons that are teacher-directed with our student’s explorative learning choices. This ensures a healthy mix of social peer based learning and structured teacher-based learning.
Individualized Lessons Teachers personalize their lessons to each child’s learning style, skill level, and interests. Lessons are given individually or in small groups to give students a quality interaction with their teacher.
Micro Lessons New concepts are best taught simply. Children experience succinct lessons then explore and practice independently. Teachers give the children space, but are nearby if they need further guidance.
Clear Progression of Lessons 3 years worth of curriculum lessons are arranged on shelves in a beautiful well organized manner. This ensures children easily see the progression of their learning. They know what to look forward to and why the foundation lessons matter.
Social, Emotional, and Academic Balance Our classrooms structure is lively and dynamic. We value academic, social, and emotional development equally. Students work independently, with peers, and with teachers as they desire.
Uninterrupted Learning Time Our classrooms are all inclusive, hosting Art, Music, Fitness, and Library within the core classroom. This minimizes disruptive transitions and changes in teachers. Students are free to work on long indepth lessons without the fear of getting interrupted or rushed to maintain a schedule.

Uninterrupted Work Time

Multiple transitions in a day are extremely distracting and cumbersome for young children to manage. Rather than shuttling between multiple rooms, subjects and teachers, our students enjoy an uninterrupted 3-hour morning work cycle. They break for lunch and recess then 1st years nap while the 2nd and 3rd years return to their classrooms for an additional afternoon work session.


Encourages Deep Engagement in Learning Deep engagement needs time to develop. Uninterrupted time, means students can immerse themselves in their learning. Children explore their interests, develop a sense of who they are and request lessons on topics that beckon their curiosity.
Fosters Autonomy Students are free to move about their classroom, work with their peers, and choose materials that interest them independent of a teacher. They take ownership of their learning, making frequent and meaningful choices.
Develops Executive Functioning Skills Independently navigating through lessons, peer interactions and teacher-directed lessons develops self-regulation skills, impulse control, along with cognitive flexibility.

Mixed Ages

Traditionally, students are placed in classrooms based solely on their age. When children are age-cluster they lose the opportunity to interact with older children who can positively influence the younger ones. Mixing ages means you also mix academic, social and emotional capabilities.


Ages span 3-6 years old With mixed ages, children can experience and learn from a wide array of social, emotional, and academic skills. Younger students greatly benefit by having older peers to inspire their growth and older students feel immensely proud to be leaders in their classrooms.
Sibling-like Community As children move through each year of their classroom, they get to experience feeling like the youngest, middle and eldest sibling. This creates peer education, a pro-social atmosphere, along with inspiring peer and self motivated learning.
3-year Classroom Cycle This allows students and parents three years of continuity with their teacher, peers, classroom culture and curriculum. This is a great comfort to our young students.
Peer Learning Students cluster up to learn together and from each other. Students who have mastered lessons are encouraged to give those lessons to their younger peers. Peer-based learning is just as important as teacher-based learning.

Montessori materials

Allo Montessori Preschool lessons are taught with beautiful, enticing, self-correcting and educational materials. Materials are organized sequentially on the shelf so that children can easily understand the order all lessons occur in. This arrangement gives a grand perspective on their curriculum and a clear vision on what they are working towards.

Our Classroom Materials Offers:

Beautiful, Educational & Interactive Our materials are made to entice children to handle them. Most are made of wood and all are arranged in a tidy lovely manner in the classroom.
Developmentally Appropriate Lessons are purposely given to children at the appropriate point in their development rather than based on their age. This ensures they feel just the right amount of challenge and experience the lessons they are academically ready for.
Self-Correcting Learning In Montessori, much of the learning happens between the child and our self-correcting materials. Children can clearly see if they’ve completed the lesson correctly or not and are spared constant teacher dominated corrections. This develops self-reliance, problem solving skills and resilience.
Scaled Difficulty Montessori materials teach a core lesson, along with many extensions. As children master the core lesson, another layer of difficulty is added so that the material can always offer a new challenging, yet feel like a familiar friend to the children.

Research shows:

"Children in Classic Montessori programs, as compared with children in Supplemented Montessori and Conventional programs, showed significantly greater school year gains on outcome measures of executive function, reading, math, vocabulary, and social problem solving, suggesting that high fidelity Montessori implementation is associated with better outcomes than lower fidelity Montessori programs or conventional programs."
AMPreschool Culture

AMPreschool Culture

Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Atmosphere

Classroom Atmosphere

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What is Montessori?

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