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Our students are with us during their most formative years, relying on us to shape their character, knowledge and relationship towards learning. We proudly accept this responsibility.

Our foundations are rooted in the Montessori approach of hands-on learning, mutual respect between teachers & students, and a passion for learning. At Allo Montessori Preschool , you will find a staff who exudes love, passion and professionalism for molding our students into world changing adults.

Holistic Education

Allo Montessori Preschool is a holistic school. We provide an education that not only encompasses our student’s academics but also the formation of their character. Life is multifaceted, children should be too!
Our student’s experience a personalized journey at AMPreschool. They receive lessons on grace & courtesy, core academics and activities that foster social adroitness. Our students explore, use their imagination and play with their friends throughout the day. Our fabulous teachers adeptly observe each child’s interests. The interest we take in our student’s interests allows us to personalize their academic lessons and thoughtfully weave those topics into lessons, making each child feel truly known by their teacher. This deep bond naturally accelerates our student’s mastery of the curriculum. 

Empirical Approach to Growth

At AMPreschool, we keep meticulous records that allows us to quantify the progress of our student’s learning. Teachers update each student’s file with the lessons given, practiced, and mastered each week. Teachers then create a new lesson plan for the following week for each student. We call these “weekly lesson plans” and every student has one personalized to them.


This weekly method keeps our teachers informed as to which skills each student is currently developing and allows them to plan appropriate lessons to bring those developing skills to mastery. Our teachers observe students as they work in the classroom, never in a stale testing environment. Children work systematically through our three-year curriculum and will exceed Common Core expectations upon graduation.

AMPreschool Culture

AMPreschool Culture

Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Dynamics

Classroom Atmosphere

Classroom Atmosphere

What is Montessori?

What is Montessori?

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